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The Daily Brologue (12-16-11)


The new Blackberry 10 has been officially delayed till the end of 2012. The 10 will mark the remaining amount of Blackberry users. (Link)

Ford will recall 129,000 cars because of a minor, barely significant little defect… The wheels may fall off. (Link)

Housing foreclosures have fallen to their lowest level in 3 years. In other news, there are no more homes to foreclose.  (Link)

Fox News host Chris Wallace has stated if Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucus ‘it won’t count’. Wallace went on to tell voters that Gingrich is the frontrunner, emperor, and future supreme chancellor and that’s that.  (Link)

Newt Gingrich has pledged not to cheat in marriage a third time… But nobody said anything about a fourth. (Link)

Donald Trump will host a Republican debate featuring Newt Gingrich debating against.. Newt Gingrich. Newt will be consulting rival Mitt Romney on how to successfully argue both sides of an issue. (Link)

Kim Kardashian has called her former husband’s claims of being a ‘disposable groom’ for a ratings pop and money bogus. This divorce news brought to you by Dash™. (Link)

The one percent has discovered 99% of people on Earth are now too broke to buy their products… To infinity and beyond! (Link)

San Francisco will become the first city to increase its minimum wage to $10. In unrelated news, all stores in San Francisco have raised their prices by two dollars. (Link)

Chuck E Cheese has been fined for child labor law violations. Chuck E Cheese, where a kid can be a kid®!  (Link)

The Daily Brologue is Written by Nir Regev



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