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Worst Moments in EDM History: Electric Zoo 2013


Worst Moments in EDM History : Electric Zoo 2013

You can always find more peers in this disposable society. But likes and retweets, they are to be treasured.

Burning up inside. Thirst rising and the situation uncompromising. They needed water to cool down. But unfortunately no one who cared was around. Two somber deaths occurred in Electric Zoo 2013, when MDMA (Molly) use caused a tragedy. Rampant open use of the drug Molly causing body temperature to accelerate, an inevitable catastrophe was brewing.

While more than a few featured artists wrote sorrow filled messages regarding the incident, their fans were much less forgiving.

One fan mentioned in a DNAinfo.com article had this to say: “If they cared about the concert-goers, they wouldn’t have canceled,” she said, adding that the festival was “just trying to look good for the mayor.” Others took to Twitter to display displeasure: “They could have at least attempted to tighten up security instead of CANCELING the whole damn day. #ezoo2013 #EZOO5 #idiots”. No remorse or regret. It could have been anyone.

A complete disaster occurred that day at Electric Zoo.

Yet, most fans failed to recognize their own mortality. Forget someone else’s. This could have been a time of self reflection. Instead it served as an ongoing symbol of the selfie ME-ME-ME era. Where people are more concerned with filling up hashtags for some likes than their own peers. After all, you can always find more peers in this disposable society. But likes and retweets, they are to be treasured.

Social media however, is not at fault. It is simply a microcosm, a reflection of our true self. It has given people a digital persona to release their inner thoughts out loud. No longer are they restricted by looking into the eyes of another. No longer judged as cruel or heartless. No.

There is no frown button online. No dislike one either for that matter. You can say what you want, when you want to. And even receive likes for it. Validation at discount rates. If this era’s generation could write #Whocares #Showgoeson and it was socially acceptable.. They would. They don’t care and they never have.

Maybe none of the generations of the past did either. But they didn’t get likes for saying so. They attended Woodstock not Electric Zoo. They wanted to meet people, not text ones they already knew. They took photos of the show, not themselves at it. Whatever the case.. Only one fact matters.

There will always be another three day pass, nothing can bring Jeffery and Olivia back.

Written by Nir Regev

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