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About Nir Regev

I’m Nir Regev, the creator of Broscience.org and myBSPN.com.

I’m an actor / standup comedian / writer here in New York City. I originally became famous on RealGM.com in 2007-2008 under the pen name ‘OneAnswer’ for writing the NBA satire thread ‘Guess Who’s Back’. As the sole content producer I quickly amassed over 300,000 views and 100 full pages of quality content.

Over the course of 2007 and 2008 I released several NBA parody videos that went viral. The most famous of which is a parody of the Knicks entitled, Night at the Starbury. A homage to the classic SNL skit and the Knicks never ending woes, the video quickly caught fire and everyone from ESPN to Sports Illustrated, MSN Sports, Yahoo Sports, Heavy.com, Slam Online, Fox Sports showcased it.

I’m proud to have Bill Simmons be a huge fan of Night at the Starbury listing it in his Articles, Twitter, and second on his all time favorite comedy videos on Youtube list behind only Jim Carey’s standup.

• Speaking of YouTube, they wouldn’t allow me to run my single favorite homemade sports-related clip of 2007, but if you want to find it on your own, it’s called “A Night At the Starbury.” Highest of high comedy. – Bill Simmons

To book me for an acting gig / stand up comedy performance / writing job or otherwise.
Contact me at: nir.regev@broscience.org