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Manly Role Models: Snake Plissken

Manly Role Models: Snake Plissken

Manly Role Model: Snake Plissken
Famous For: Escape from New York, Escape from L.A.

Snake’s Resume

Gents, take a peek into the life of a bloke who didn’t squander their time checking Facebook notifications. World War III renegade Snake Plissken, the youngest man to be decorated by a U.S. President. Two purple hearts in Leningrad and Siberia. It might seem like a crazy notion now, but in the 80s and 90s people used to go outside. And not just to check their smartphones at the mall. Yes, a couple of best bros might actually venture out to the scary alien landscape of Full Definition. Action was taken. Thanks to the internet, today a man is only as hardworking as the timing of their last wank. In other words, everybody’s asleep. Men have been in hibernation for the last decade.

Our film protagonists reflect this drowsy reality. With the lone exception of 24’s Jack Bauer. Gone are the days of a clear good and evil. Actions first, questions later? Quietly retired. In it’s place, a never-ending loop of second guessing that would make a Kardashian blush. Groupthink via status update. Snake Plissken saved the U.S. President in the amount of time most guys analyze if they texted the town bicycle back too quickly.

Let’s go vintage and rewind the tapes. Blockbuster style. Just kidding, we’re actually gonna do it. Let’s reminiscence about the fictional world of one of the last true manly role models. Call me Snake.

Snake in Diplomatic Negotiations
Manly Role Models: Snake Plissken Negotiates

Pictured Above: Snake politely engages the enemy in diplomatic discourse. Vintage sanctions my friends! This is what red lines looked like in the 80s.

Snake Discusses Small Government
Manly Role Models: Snake Plissken

What we all secretly wanna say when one of those hassling interns blocks your path on the sidewalk with their clipboard. Can’t you see I’m going to the gym fucker?

A Manly AnswerManly Role Models: Snake PlisskenManly Role Models: Snake Plissken

A manly answer not only sounds good, it feels good. Simply think: ‘What would Snake do?’ In any and all situations.

Role Model. Hero. Whatever.
Manly Role Models: Snake Plissken

                                  Snake Plissken

Written by Nir Regev

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Diana Nyad Swims from Cuba to Florida at Age 64


You see that woman up there? Her name is Diana Nyad, and she just swam 110 miles from Cuba all the way to the shores of Key West Florida. She accomplished the feat in a stunning 53 hours without breaks. Diana Nyad, is a winner. She didn’t quit when the going got tough. Not even close.

This mythical-like swim was her fifth attempt. First time she tried it, you ask? 28 years old, and here she is now at 64 years young, accomplishing human wonders. That is what excellence is. Why it’s never too late. Not at 28, 38, or 68. She is a testament to determination, to persistence, and dedication.

Most people would have given up after attempt number one, forget four previous attempts. One of which consisted of getting stung multiple times in the face by sting-rays. But Diana didn’t care, she didn’t listen to the nay-sayers. To the constant stream of negativity flowing out of people’s mouths on a daily basis. When they told her she can’t, she did.

All pioneers are considered ‘crazy’ at first.

Otherwise, you would never hear about them in the first place. They’d be sitting back giving themselves reasons not to do something. It’s too dangerous, or it’s not practical, or logical. It’s always easier to check your Facebook notifications than take risks and actually do something. Anything. But she wanted more. She had a dream. And nobody, not you, me, the doctors, family or anybody else was gonna tell her different.

Be like Diana Nyad. That doesn’t mean go swimming from Cuba to Florida tomorrow. It means: Do something, Anything. Today.

Written by Nir Regev

Dream: The Pursuit of Happyness


You got a dream, you gotta protect it

Are you losing hope?  Is what’s important to you fading away?


Dreams start off their life as ideas.  Slowly they manifest in your everyday actions. They are born from you, and they require careful nurture or they will float away without you noticing. Will you rise with them? Will you protect them?

Be Positive:

Do you hardest to protect your dream from a cold harsh world. Don’t engage in conscious negative thought that might impact your dream’s well being. Your dream is still young, and its youth will be shaped from you influence.

“I don’t want you shooting this ball all day and night. You’ll excel in a lot of things just not this”

Remember that your dream is fragile and it needs all warmth it can get. You don’t want to see your dream adopted by someone else. It’s your creation and you must treat it like it’s the most important thing in the whole world.

Give it a chance, even for a day. Better yet, make it a month, a year, ten years if needed if not eighteen. Better to have tried and failed, than never have tried at all. Try not to steer the dream in the direction you believe it should. Be a guiding influence, and slowly the dream will grow on its own. Even without your supervision.


You’re the Authority:

There is going to be one major figure in your dream’s life as it grows up and matures. You.  Check up occasionally on your dream’s friends and role models, place your dream in the right environment, where it can succeed and thrive. You never know when the wrong influence can guide your dream in the wrong direction.

“You’ll probably be about as good as I was”

There are no guarantees. Even if you work 110% percent toward your dream’s life, maybe someone else’s dream will work harder for them. Or maybe they won’t. Maybe your dream will make the right connections, meet the right people.

Maybe they’ll stay focused day after day.. Or maybe they’ll become a mere daydreamer at a decaying oak office desk. There is only one guarantee in life: change. There is no predictability, you don’t know what your dream will or will not do. You don’t know how they’ll react to hardships, to demands, to success. Don’t let your dream become a self fulfilling prophecy. A dream shouldn’t grow into a nightmare.

What to expect, when you’re expecting:

dream smile

No matter what you do, your dream will find itself swimming in a sea of negativity. Enduring struggle after struggle, trying to get air. This is why the one person who shouldn’t contribute to these thoughts is you. There has never been a shortage of unhappiness in the world.

Peer Influence:

People can’t do something themselves they wanna tell you can’t do it

There are going to be other dreamers, ones that haven’t slept without an ambien in decades. The jaded ones, the ones that would rather sleep than be hopeful in insomnia. They have already given up, and they want you to sleep too. Watch who your dreams interact with, they can be some of their biggest motivators for success.. Or their primary cause of self destruction.


Not Quitting:

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me.

There are going to be hard moments. Times you are going to want to quit on your dream. Days you are second guessing yourself. Don’t give in. Dig yourself out and think back to how your dream was when it was born. You didn’t even know how life-changing it would be.

All the sleepless nights worrying about your dream and what it was going to be up to, and how you felt unprepared at the vastness of it all. Countless hours spent looking for the right formula to keep your dream healthy. The dream was helpless without you back then, but now it’s on own. And some things are always going to be out of your control. But they don’t always have to be bad things. Great things can happen too.


You want something go get it. Period.


Written by Nir Regev

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMaB6f-KSag httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-VxSPuqo20

The Greatest Motivational Video of all Time. I watch this multiple times a week and it makes me want to work that much harder every time. Arnold is a role model for me, listen to his words.

As an actor they told him he would never make it, ‘your name is too long, too heavy an accent, too big compared to other movie stars of the time’. He ignored it all.. And went on to be the biggest action film star of all time.

‘Determined to be unique. Driven to Think big and Dream big’


Arnold’s Six Rules of Success –

1. Trust Yourself

2. Break the Rules

3. Don’t be Afraid to Fail

4. Don’t Listen to the Naysayers

5. Work as Hard as Humanly Possible

6. Give Back

-Nir Regev