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Man Arrested For Posing As Female Veterinarian


Tough times call upon desperate measures. Picture this, you’re out in Atlantic City, and you’ve already burned through your whole weekend’s funds.  Suddenly, you realize you have no money left over for slot machines, or to get home for that matter. There’s only one answer. Dress up as a female veterinarian, pick up unsuspecting animals in your Jeep “Rescue” Wagon, and generally get arrested. It’s the circle of life my friends! Just like that Lion King movie.

VINELAND – “Police arrested an Atlantic City man posing as a female veterinarian inoculating animals in Vineland. Daniel C. Tyce, 26, allegedly posed as Dr. Danielle Smith and ran South Jersey Small Animal Rescue, inoculating animals and setting up adoptions in exchange for small fees.”
Source: PressofAtlanticCity

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